Newborn, baby and child photography workshops


I present monthly workshops on newborn, baby and child photography where I divulge all my personal photographic techniques and methods to successfully capture the delicate loveliness of a client%u2019s little one, giving them a treasure to cherish for a lifetime and teaching you skills that can grow your business and reputation as a photographer.

This type of shoot demands entirely different tactics to that of photographing adults, and over the years I have developed my own approach and honed my own style beyond that of simple textbook techniques. For this reason, I offer the opportunity for you to come and learn what I%u2019ve learnt; come and see what I see when looking through the lens.

In the workshop, I cover the ins and outs of studio and natural lighting, camera settings, setting up for a baby session, setting up for a full newborn session, important safety measures, conduct with parents, posing baby, composition, editing images, processing, professional business aspects, and even how to problem solve when a session doesn%u2019t go exactly as planned.

The workshop is comprehensive and fun, covering both theory and practice. It%u2019s an interactive environment where we work together closely and really zone in on improving your craftsmanship. I provide models for the session, and you get to build up your portfolio with photos taken by you during the workshop.

Please don%u2019t expect a stiff, uptight class. This is a relaxed workshop where we enjoy the art form and even chat over refreshments and snacks.

For further details or bookings, feel free to send me an email on or call on 27 79 70 444 55


Child walkalongs are mini workshop sessions where you can join me in taking photos of children while I give suggestions for technique and approach in these types of shoots. As with the full workshops, I offer guidance based on my personal experience and findings over the years as a photographer, granting you access to insight you won%u2019t find in textbooks.

I provide the models for the sessions, making these child walkalongs a perfect opportunity for you to build up your portfolio with the photos taken by you on the day.


Maternity walkalongs are practical mini workshop sessions where we work on capturing the softness of a nurturing mom-to-be and photographing that beautiful phase in pregnancy where the preggie belly is wonderfully round. I%u2019ll give pointers on technique and supply suggestions by dipping into my experience and findings as a photographer over the years.

I provide the models for the sessions, making these maternity walkalongs a perfect opportunity for you to build up your portfolio with the photos taken by you on the day.

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